О нас

About Alina Nilova

I was born in the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine. The main thing in my life is the creativity. Since the childhood I loved watching as the sunlight game and different objects glowing with bright colors, as if they were illuminated by small lamps. I really like looking at the different reflections in the mirror, puddle, water, glass, marble, etc. I was looking through the car window and enjoying the variety of flickering images of nature, cities, passing people by, sunrises and sunsets, torrential rains and snowfalls. More recently, since 2011, I became interested in photography. When I take pictures , I completely forget about time. Photography has become as the necessity for me, an opportunity to show how do I see it. Photograph nobody taught me take pictures, everything turns out as it is in itself spontaneously and suddenly I see a bright spot of color and take a picture. I rely on your own taste and intuition.